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Kultur och Fritid

The Town Hall square

This is the place where medieval Söderköping developed in the Viking Age. Earlier on, the area had been too marshy, but in the 11th century merchants saw that this was a convinient place to rest, sleep and inspect new goods. Small houseswere probably built by Storån's north bank, which eas comparatively flat and hence perfect for the clinker-built ships and flat-bottomed boats of the time. Gradually Söderköping was transformed into a village for handicraft and reloading of shios. here was the marketplace that has given the town its name: Söderköping, "the southern market town" - south of Norrköping, that is. In the 13th century when the village had become a town, the square became a the town's centre. here stood the old Town Hall, replaced in 1777 by the Town Hall we see today.